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Summer Car Tips

It’s summertime in Texas, and the living is easy. And really, really hot.

Leif Johnson Ford is here to prepare you for these sizzling months.with some quick summertime vehicle tips.


  • If possible, keep your car in the garage or keep it covered to sidestep much damage from the sun. Sun damage on cars can  fade paint and interior materials over time.
  • This is another tip for older cars or even newer cars without a reliable air cooling system. (AKA probably not a Ford….Ha. But really.) It’s possible you may need a recharge as this hot summer gets under way. You definitely do not want any coolant issues in Austin, Texas in July, right?! If your AC just isn’t seeming to get cool enough, stop by Leif Johnson Ford and have a service tech check it out for you!
  • shoetrick
  • Here’s one for the safety of your kiddos: You may think you would NEVER leave your kiddo unattended in a hot car, but the fact is this: Nearly 1 in 4 parents of a child under 3 has forgotten the child in a car. If your kid is silent and you are distracted, it is possible that this could happen to you, and it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Here’s what you do- Leave ONE shoe in the backseat near your little one’s car seat. You aren’t going to want to walk on any hot sidewalks or inside a store without your shoe, and you’re sure to notice this mistake as soon as you walk out of your car.
  • airfilter
  • If you do a lot of driving on dirt or gravel roads, or even if you’ve just never checked your air filter, it may be time for a change. A clogged air filter can definitely make your fuel efficiency substantially lower. Replacing a dirty or clogged air filter may improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent!
  • Summertime is famous for crazy downpours, and you don’t want your blades to fail you here. When replacing a wiper blade, it’s best to replace the entire blade, not just the rubber part. Our Auto Part store would be happy to help you find the right make and model!
  • oil
  • If you’re driving a lot of miles this summer, you’re going to want to make sure your oil is on par. There’s two things you’re wanting to check here: The level of the oil and the color of the oil. To check your oil, let your car run for a few minutes, then park it on a level surface and turn your engine off. If the oil is low, either add another quart or completely change the oil. As for how the oil should look? It should be brownish yellow and clean on the stick. If the oil is a dark color or there’s a lot of grime in there, it’s time for an oil change AND oil filter replacement.
  • Because newer cars are more likely using synthetic blends or oil weights that are fine for year-round use, this tip is more for older vehicles. In the summer, use thicker oil to protect engine components when it’s steamy out and oil flows more easily.
  • Tire-Pressure
  • Tire pressure changes as the temperatures rise– take a look at your owner’s manual or the sidewall of your tire to see what your tire pressure should be. Proceed to check it with a hand pressure gauge or just let your friends here at Leif Johnson Ford do the dirty work for you!

Regular maintenance is really key here. Oil changes, tire rotations, and other basic car tasks are important, no matter the time of year, and no matter the weather you should be checking your oil and tire pressures now and again. If you’re uncertain about the status of any of these things, we are here for you! Give us a call at 512-454-3711. We look forward to your summer visit!

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