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Customer Highlights: Transit Families

The Ford Transit is a great choice for those needing lots of space for a slew of passengers. This means the Transit makes for a pretty perfect family vehicle. Plenty of room is a definite perk, but let’s not forget added bonuses like the Ford Sync system–to keep the family entertained– and the rearview backup camera– to keep your clan safe. The 2015 Transit even offers advanced features like, Quickclear™, which allows you to rapidly remove ice, snow and mist from the windshield with a simple push of a button.  It’s convenience with a bit of luxury thrown in too. That’s why these families couldn’t have made a better choice than the Ford Transit.


Meet Candace– Mama, Realtor at Kevin Williams, Dog-owner and in general, ONE BUSY LADY. What’s the ideal vehicle for hauling clients, kids and pups? The Ford Transit, obviously.



Next we have Todd and Christi. Picture above is one of their FIVE little ones. That’s right. Five. That’s a lot of car seats, y’all. These parents have their hands full, and they need a vehicle that’s ready to go along for the ride of their life. Can you take a guess at what the best one for this full house is? If you guessed the Ford Transit, we have a winner!

There you have it! The Ford Transit: Spacious, safe, fun and perfect for your big crew!

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