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Customer Highlights: Tim Garrett


Customer Tim Garrett was led to Truck City by his brother, who recommended our dealership based on the several trucks he’d bought from us in the past. Owner of Laguna Landscape, Tim was in need of a reliable and durable truck. And that’s exactly what he found here at Truck City.

He tells us that his time spent with his car dealer Eddie was a “Completely different experience” than any he’s had at other car dealerships in the past. He recounts his time at another dealership, where he had to fill out application after application. Tim says he remembers thinking to himself, “I don’t belong here.”

That’s where Truck City came in. “I said ‘Here’s what I need’ and he (Eddie) said ‘Okay.”  It was just that simple, and Tim loved that. He notes that the process was so much easier than any he’d ever experienced anywhere else. Tim and his brother have both bought multiple trucks from Truck City in the past, and plan on continuing to do so in the future. When asked about owning his own landscape business, Tim gave a heartfelt smile and proclaimed, “It let’s me buy trucks from Eddie all of the time!”

Visit Truck City today and let us show you the same wonderful service that Tim is raving about!

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