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Customer of the Week: Christiana

Christiana Elmer cannot say enough good things about her experience at Truck City Ford. From the moment I meet her, she is absolutely beaming about her time spent with us. Decked out in fashionable leather boots and coat with a bubbly personality to match, she tells me all about why she believes Truck City outshines all other dealerships she’s dealt with in the past. “They went above and beyond” she says, mentioning that she had been accustomed to rude salesman at other dealerships beforehand. That definitely wasn’t the case at Truck City. From her salesman Sergio to the guys working in parts, Christiana cannot get over how “nice” and “wonderful” every single team member was. She was so thankful for this kindness and helpfulness that she even came back bearing gifts for Sergio’s new baby girl. Christiana decided to pay us a visit after her husband had a great experience buying his vehicle from Truck City.  Now that she’s found us, it definitely doesn’t sound like she’ll be going anywhere else for her Ford-buying in the future!

Customers as Family

Truck City Salesman Eddie will be the first to tell you that his customers are not just his customers. They are both his friends and his family, and he treats them as such. Today, as I sit a couple of cubicles away, I hear Eddie chatting happily with one of his longtime customers. But instead of talking about truck prices or car sales, he is talking with these customers about the health benefits of kale. This is not at all out of the ordinary for Mr. Haddad. Whether sharing football scores or his favorite foods, Eddie cares more about cultivating relationships with his customers than the sales he is making. Perhaps this is why he is consistently one of the highest ranked salesman at Leif Johnson Ford. Ronald Ramirez, a customer of Eddie’s since 2007, says he visits not only to update his vehicles, but also just to talk with his buddy Eddie. This is rather apparent by the laughter and long conversation I hear coming from Eddie’s side of the dealership.  “I’m like family now.” Ronald …

Employee of the Month-Truck City

Our Employee of the Month over at Buda’s Truck City is Mr. McKinley Holland. McKinley started with us at Leif Johnson in 2011 and transferred to Truck City back in August. He absolutely loves that working here has taught him so much about working on different types of vehicles. His coworkers attribute his Employee of the Month title to the fact that he is a “team player.” On top of that, Holland says he has a photographic memory and can rattle off base numbers “like candy!”– A great skill to have when working over in the parts department! When McKinley is not at work, he loves to play the guitar. He’s been playing for about five years now and says that he’s “always been a musician.” A musician and a mechanic, McKinley is clearly a man of many talents! We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our team over at Truck City.

Customer Highlights: Tim Garrett

Customer Tim Garrett was led to Truck City by his brother, who recommended our dealership based on the several trucks he’d bought from us in the past. Owner of Laguna Landscape, Tim was in need of a reliable and durable truck. And that’s exactly what he found here at Truck City. He tells us that his time spent with his car dealer Eddie was a “Completely different experience” than any he’s had at other car dealerships in the past. He recounts his time at another dealership, where he had to fill out application after application. Tim says he remembers thinking to himself, “I don’t belong here.” That’s where Truck City came in. “I said ‘Here’s what I need’ and he (Eddie) said ‘Okay.”  It was just that simple, and Tim loved that. He notes that the process was so much easier than any he’d ever experienced anywhere else. Tim and his brother have both bought multiple trucks from Truck City in the past, and plan on continuing to do so in the future. When asked about owning his own landscape business, Tim …