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Customers as Family

Truck City Salesman Eddie will be the first to tell you that his customers are not just his customers. They are both his friends and his family, and he treats them as such. Today, as I sit a couple of cubicles away, I hear Eddie chatting happily with one of his longtime customers. But instead of talking about truck prices or car sales, he is talking with these customers about the health benefits of kale. This is not at all out of the ordinary for Mr. Haddad. Whether sharing football scores or his favorite foods, Eddie cares more about cultivating relationships with his customers than the sales he is making. Perhaps this is why he is consistently one of the highest ranked salesman at Leif Johnson Ford.


Ronald Ramirez, a customer of Eddie’s since 2007, says he visits not only to update his vehicles, but also just to talk with his buddy Eddie. This is rather apparent by the laughter and long conversation I hear coming from Eddie’s side of the dealership.  “I’m like family now.” Ronald tells me, and I’m not at all surprised by this.

Working with Eddie makes it hard not to feel like you’re part of our Leif Johnson family.

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