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Turning a 2014 Ford Explorer into a Lean, Mean, Blue-Matte Finished Machine

Want to know how to take a regular 2014 Explorer and turn it into a lean, mean, blue-matte finished Ford machine? Well, read on!


BLUE 001

1. Change out an already impressive radio and added a new audio system from Custom sounds. As fair warning, this system is not for the weak of heart.


2. Add in Customer Alea 3-row interior and clay stitching, courtesy of Austin Auto Interiors. We loved the original seating too, but nothing beats the comfort of this leather interior, y’all. Makes your Monday trip to work enjoyable, even.

photo (290)


3. Build on to this beauty with A Ford Accessory LED Interior Lighting Kit. Because a vehicle this trendy needs to be properly illuminated.

4. Throw in some Veloche Vapor 955 20″ wheel and Nitto NT420S Tires. Now the outside is beginning to match the suaveness of the inside. Be prepared: These wheels are so snazzy that they are sure to turn heads and elicit stares. As if your friends wouldn’t already be jealous enough of this beauty.

BLUE BRUISE almost two peices 001
5. Finish up by having masterful Leif Johnson techs add a crazy-fashionable blue-matte finish. It’s what all the cool kids are doing these days, and with good reason. Just check out the finished product.

photo (289)

Ta-da! Our Leif Johnson Collision Center definitely did an incredible job of creating a masterpiece lovely enough for our showroom floor. The best part? She’s not just there for the good looks. This renovated Ford Explorer is ready for you to purchase at our Leif Johnson Central location today!

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