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Vehicle Winter Safety Tips (Yes, even for Texans!)

Are you ready for colder weather? Sure, it’s Texas so we’re probably safe from blizzards and massive snowstorms. Still, as it starts to get chillier, it’s best to have your car prepared for these fall and winter months. Here are some tips to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape from October to February and beyond!:


  • Make sure your battery is fully charged.  Your Leif Johnson service technicians will know what to check for and will let you know whether it’s time to replace that battery or not.
  • Replace frayed or cracked belts and have Leif Johnson professionals check to make sure there are no leaks and/or loose hoses.
  • Specially designed tires are often recommended even if snow isn’t commonplace as lower temps can affect rubber that wasn’t designed for the cold. Ask your Leif Johnson service questions and they’ll give you recommendations based on the make and model of vehicle.
  • Be sure to check that your signals, headlamps, tail lamps, fog lamps
    and other lights are all functioning correctly. If you do have a burned out bulb, Leif Johnson can provide you with replacements to have you safely driving again in no time.
  • As the weather gets more bleak, It’s important to be able to see as perfectly as possible. You’ll probably want to get a new pair of wiper
    blades if you see streaks or smudges on your window. Wiper blades differ by car, so stop by Leif Johnson and we’ll find and install a new pair that’s meets the specifications of your vehicle. Also make sure to frequently check your wiper fluid and keep the fluid reservoir filled. Your Leif Johnson service professionals will check your wiper fluid level and, if need be, top it off when you visit us.
  •  The nastier the weather gets, the more your brakes play an important role in your safety. Leif Johnson can make sure all brake components are functioning properly. We’ll do a rigorous inspection and bring any issues or problems to your attention.

Finally, here are some AAA recommended items to always have in your vehicle as part of your emergency road kit:
Sand or salt/traction mats, Snow brush/ice scraper, shovel, Jumper cables, Windshield washer fluid, Flashlight with spare batteries, Cloth or paper towels, Gloves, hats, blankets and extra clothes, Flares or other warning devices, Non-perishable food and drinking water, First-aid kit and basic toolkit, Mobile Phone with car charger, preloaded with Roadside Assistance phone numbers and, if applicable, account numbers.

Though it may seem like a long list, these may just be the start of the items you’ll need to keep safe and sound this winter! Stop by Leif Johnson today for a full inspection and more safe-for-the-winter recommendations!

Please feel free to reach out to Leif Johnson service department at any time with any questions or concerns you might have! Call us at 512-454-3767 or email at service@leifjohnsonford.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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