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Customer Highlight: Victoria

Victoria Horowitz bought a 2015 Ford Fusion and she couldn’t be happier with her LJF experience. We love taking the time to get to know our customers, so we asked Victoria a few questions to learn about her life and her new Fusion love! Read on for this week’s customer highlight on Mrs. Horowitz! What she loved about Leif Johnson Ford: ‘Josh and Isaac really made it happen for me.’ Her favorite Fusion feature: ‘It’s so random but my favorite feature is the electronic parking break…lol! I also love the little screen above the steering wheel that displays info.’ Why the Fusion is perfect for Victoria: I’m a realtor so the car is sporty enough for me and sleek enough for clients.’ The perfect purchase for a wonderful customer! Want to be our next customer highlight? Come in to Leif Johnson Ford today!

Customer And Employee Love

At Leif Johnson Ford, we truly value both our customers and our employees. Take Larry Kirbo, for instance. He is celebrating thirty-five years of working with us in the Parts Department. It is always a joy to walk into the Parts Department. There are many long term employees who are always smiling, joking and laughing with one another, and it is clear to see how much they value their fellow team members. It is no surprise then that Larry tells us his favorite part about working with us is “the people” and the “comradery” built around our team at Leif Johnson Ford. We love learning about our employees too, and loved hearing that in his spare time, Larry is a talented guitar player. He will even be playing for SXSW this year! As for our customers, we’re pretty fond of them and their stories too. For instance–Angelica and Philip Rivera. These two are happy, and for lots of reasons. Philip has been deployed for about a year now, and him and Angelica just tied the knot about …

Customer Highlight: The Levines

Father and son duo Steve and Alex Levine are absolutely loving their new Ford King Ranch. In fact, there wasn’t anything they didn’t love about their experience with us at Leif Johnson Ford. Steve, enthusiastic and talkative, chats with us about what a great time he had buying his new truck. The last time he bought a truck was back in 2004, and he laughs when he realizes that two of the team members he’s talking with (The Social Media Rep and the Sync Tech)own  job titles that probably weren’t even around back then. (Times may change, but after over 50 years of business, you can bet the excellent service at Leif Johnson Ford sure doesn’t!)  When asked further about his time spent with us, he lets us know that his sync tech Peter is funny enough to be a stand up comedian, except for the fact that he was momentarily  sitting down. Joking aside, Steve says that his salesman Leo was pretty awesome too. “I gave him three chances to beat other dealership prices and he was …

Customer Highlight: Meet JoAnn

    Meet JoAnn Wolf– Proud owner of this snazzy buy, recently purchased at Riata Ford in Manor, Texas. This isn’t her first purchase from Riata, but rather her third in TEN years. She’s a longtime fan of our dealership, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have her as a loyal customer. But this dedicated buyer loves more than just the Fords she buys from us. She boasts that she has not only four grandkids (ranging in ages from 15-34) but also four great grandkids, and we can tell that they keep her busy in the very best way possible. And as if she hasn’t got her hands full enough, JoAnn bought this spacious vehicle from us for a very special reason. A dog lover and owner of three border terriers, JoAnn proudly tells us that that she will be taking her pups to and from dog shows in her new Ford. We at Leif Johnson are so grateful to have so many unique and fun customers with so many interesting stories and from so many different …

Leif Johnson Customer Letter

Leif Johnson Ford has been around for nearly 60 years. In these years, we’ve had the time to build a reputation as a dealership that goes above and beyond for our customers. Our goal is to make everyone who walks through our doors leave happy and completely taken care of! This goal is achieved by our excellent customer service, and we always love hearing back from the customers who have received this impeccable service of ours! This recent letter to our manager Gordon Lambert was no exception.: “Dear Mr. Lambert, I intended to write this letter to you long before this, but I do want to thank you for your help Friday eve Jan 31 when my friend Marcia Evans and I had to have her 2013 Focus towed in for repair work. The Service Dept was closed and we needed to get a rental car. We had called a friend in Lockhart to pick us up, but you came to our rescue and provided us a rental car, so we were able to let …

Customer of the Week: Christiana

Christiana Elmer cannot say enough good things about her experience at Truck City Ford. From the moment I meet her, she is absolutely beaming about her time spent with us. Decked out in fashionable leather boots and coat with a bubbly personality to match, she tells me all about why she believes Truck City outshines all other dealerships she’s dealt with in the past. “They went above and beyond” she says, mentioning that she had been accustomed to rude salesman at other dealerships beforehand. That definitely wasn’t the case at Truck City. From her salesman Sergio to the guys working in parts, Christiana cannot get over how “nice” and “wonderful” every single team member was. She was so thankful for this kindness and helpfulness that she even came back bearing gifts for Sergio’s new baby girl. Christiana decided to pay us a visit after her husband had a great experience buying his vehicle from Truck City.  Now that she’s found us, it definitely doesn’t sound like she’ll be going anywhere else for her Ford-buying in the future!

Everyday Faces-Thanksgiving Edition

This Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for our awesome employees! (and YOU, our amazing customers, of course.) Here are just some of the friendly everyday faces you’ll see stopping by one of our Leif Johnson Ford locations this holiday season: Our receptionist Sofia, taking phones calls and rockin’ that cowboy hat! Chad, happy to help his customer with some laundry Jamie, Miranda and Jason, taking a break from work to pose for the camera- Christina and Eddie, sporting their Ford cowboy hats! Mike, matching our Ford truck with his cool shades! Gabe, hard at work at Riata Ford Sales manager Jesse and his adorable son (sitting on a Ford…what else?!) Jordan next to our Ford, ready for Christmas time and wrapped in a bow! (The Ford, not Jordan!) Tiffini—getting excited for our Black Friday specials this week! What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Customer Highlights: Tim Garrett

Customer Tim Garrett was led to Truck City by his brother, who recommended our dealership based on the several trucks he’d bought from us in the past. Owner of Laguna Landscape, Tim was in need of a reliable and durable truck. And that’s exactly what he found here at Truck City. He tells us that his time spent with his car dealer Eddie was a “Completely different experience” than any he’s had at other car dealerships in the past. He recounts his time at another dealership, where he had to fill out application after application. Tim says he remembers thinking to himself, “I don’t belong here.” That’s where Truck City came in. “I said ‘Here’s what I need’ and he (Eddie) said ‘Okay.”  It was just that simple, and Tim loved that. He notes that the process was so much easier than any he’d ever experienced anywhere else. Tim and his brother have both bought multiple trucks from Truck City in the past, and plan on continuing to do so in the future. When asked about owning his own landscape business, Tim …