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Customer Highlight: Victoria

Victoria Horowitz bought a 2015 Ford Fusion and she couldn’t be happier with her LJF experience.

We love taking the time to get to know our customers, so we asked Victoria a few questions to learn about her life and her new Fusion love! Read on for this week’s customer highlight on Mrs. Horowitz!


What she loved about Leif Johnson Ford: ‘Josh and Isaac really made it happen for me.’

Her favorite Fusion feature: ‘It’s so random but my favorite feature is the electronic parking break…lol! I also love the little screen above the steering wheel that displays info.’

Why the Fusion is perfect for Victoria: I’m a realtor so the car is sporty enough for me and sleek enough for clients.’

The perfect purchase for a wonderful customer!

Want to be our next customer highlight? Come in to Leif Johnson Ford today!

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