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“Too Good to Be Blue” Ford Edge

A couple of us Leif Johnson Ford gals recently took a ride in the new 2016 Ford Edge- In the Too Good to be Blue color, to be more specific. We had such a blast driving around the Austin area, stopping for a quick bite to eat and feeling fancy about it in our sleek ride for the hour. We also made a quick stop at a guitar store for a photo-op and, uh, maybe belted out a few 90’s jams while safely parked, of course. The 2016 Ford Edge just inspires spontaneity and excitement like that, y’all. Fun, smart features such as rearview camera, remote keyless entry system and intelligent access with push-button start made us feel safe and well, cool, just driving around Austin. With the snazzy Sync 3 System and ultra-stylish interior, it’s almost impossible to NOT dance and sing with joy in one of these beauties. So we didn’t fight it. We danced and sang our hearts out. It was an afternoon almost too good to be blue. Er, true.

Retiring in Style (With a little help from Leif Johnson Ford)

Imagine selling your house, getting rid of your vehicles and quitting your job. All at the same time. Sounds a little crazy, eh? But this is exactly what Doug and Doris Henderson are in the process of doing. They are “right in the middle” of retirement, and even though Doris half-jokes that they are “homeless and jobless”,their future is actually looking pretty darn awesome. These two are getting ready to forget about all of that work stuff and move to the beaches of Corpus Christi. They also needed vehicles more suitable for their new adventures. That’s where we come in. A new Ford Edge and F-150 later, this sweet couple is ready to start a new chapter of their lives. And it looks like it’s going to be full of relaxation, sand, sun and plenty of smooth sailing. (Or driving.) Leif Johnson Ford couldn’t be happier to help the Hendersons retire in style.

Leif Johnson Anniversaries

At Leif Johnson, we are so happy to have such hardworking and loyal team members, many who have been with us for decades. Celebrating their work anniversaries is a just a small way of saying thank you for all of they do for our Ford family. Meet Paul . He has worked with us for an amazing forty years, and is an asset to our Parts team. When asked what his favorite part about working at Leif is, he definitely has more than one thing to say. “All of the comradery, all of the friends. They’re all good people. I meet a lot of customers, and enjoy the public.” And when asked what he’s learned in his forty years with us he shares this, ” (I’ve learned) how to get along with people really well, how to treat people nicely. All changes for the better.” We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that he appreciates us in the same way that we appreciate him! Meet Gerard, Gerry for short. He has worked on our team for nearly as long as …

Eduardo’s 13 Years at Leif Johnson

Eduardo Luna has worked with us at Leif Johnson Ford for thirteen years now. When asked what his favorite thing about working with us is, he happily lists a handful of things. “Everybody gets along really well. It’s a family sort of environment” he tells us. He also says that he loves everything from his coworkers to his bosses, and that, put simply “Everybody is cool.” He goes on to say that every year he feels more and more comfortable as part of our team, but at the same time he is always striving to “keep improving.” This is the type of attitude we love and look for at Leif Johnson Ford, and just part of what makes our team such a great one. Mr. Luna has been doing everything from tinting to graphics for us for more than a decade, and we absolutely love having him as part of our crew. Our Leif Johnson Ford family definitely wouldn’t be the same without him.

Customer Highlight: Meet JoAnn

    Meet JoAnn Wolf– Proud owner of this snazzy buy, recently purchased at Riata Ford in Manor, Texas. This isn’t her first purchase from Riata, but rather her third in TEN years. She’s a longtime fan of our dealership, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have her as a loyal customer. But this dedicated buyer loves more than just the Fords she buys from us. She boasts that she has not only four grandkids (ranging in ages from 15-34) but also four great grandkids, and we can tell that they keep her busy in the very best way possible. And as if she hasn’t got her hands full enough, JoAnn bought this spacious vehicle from us for a very special reason. A dog lover and owner of three border terriers, JoAnn proudly tells us that that she will be taking her pups to and from dog shows in her new Ford. We at Leif Johnson are so grateful to have so many unique and fun customers with so many interesting stories and from so many different …

Captured Leif Johnson Moments

A fun workplace is a happy workplace, wouldn’t you agree? Employees and customers alike love their time spent at our Leif Johnson Ford locations, and we absolutely love capturing these moments to camera. Take a look at some of our latest captured shenanigans: Our good looking Truck City Ford team! Savannah and Wesley, posing for the camera! Our sweet boss Fred, taking a quick break to smile for us! Salesman Frank bought a new truck—from Truck City Ford, of course! Plez Is hard at work at Riata Ford- Chad and Susan, showing off one of our beautiful Fords at Leif Central! Tami, looking festive for Saint Patty’s at Truck City! Hanging out with our Riata Ford ladies (Who are looking ready for a Ford road-trip!) Gil showing off one of our snazzy Riata Ford trucks: Leif Johnson Ford customers, getting ready to roll with a little help from our handy-dandy service team. Peter, part of our helpful sync team, helping a customer with his new truck! Felician with one our very happy customers!

Leif in Action

Here at Leif Johnson, we pride ourselves in having hard-working, friendly and fun employees at all five of our convenient locations. Check out these pictures to see this wonderful team of ours in action! Jaimee with her delicious home-baked cake. It didn’t last long! Salesmen of Riata Ford. Gabe couldn’t help but sneak in some bunny ears for Robert! Synch-tech Peter, helping a customer learn the technological ropes to her new Ford! Drew, posing next to this one-of-a-kind Ford at Truck City! Plez, Sandra and Lauren, looking lovely as they take a little Ford break at Riata Ford! Chad, giving the thumbs up for another Ford sold to a happy customer! Juan and Ashlee, taking a break to pose for the cameras at Leif Johnson Superstore South! The lovely team at Leif Johnson Superstore North! Sync-tech Colin, looking dapper next to one of our snazzy Ford trucks at Leif Central! Come join in on the action (and the fun!) by visiting any of our five Leif Johnson locations today! We’ll see you there!

December in Pictures at Leif Johnson

December was a fun and festive month for us over at Leif Johnson Ford; heck out these pictures of our team having fun and working hard at all five of our locations! (And then visit your nearest Leif Johnson location to join in on the fun!) Eddie with one of his customers and good friends over at Truck City! Chad and Jordan hard at work at Leif Central Kevin, ready to give this Ford away for the Responsible Parenting Awards Billy, Anna and Charlie at the Responsible Parenting Awards! Fred, teaching the kiddos how to ride their new bike gifts at the Responsible Parenting Awards Tami, showing us how easy it is to save your pennies over at Truck City! Ajay with his happy customer over at Riata Jaimee, looking lovely with her poinsettia Leif Johnson South posing with their poinsettia Penny with her Christmas decorations at Riata Ford Christmas tree decorating at Leif Central! The Truck City team with their Christmas tree The Riata Ford ladies, rockin’ around their Christmas tree 2013 was an amazing …

Everyday Faces-Thanksgiving Edition

This Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for our awesome employees! (and YOU, our amazing customers, of course.) Here are just some of the friendly everyday faces you’ll see stopping by one of our Leif Johnson Ford locations this holiday season: Our receptionist Sofia, taking phones calls and rockin’ that cowboy hat! Chad, happy to help his customer with some laundry Jamie, Miranda and Jason, taking a break from work to pose for the camera- Christina and Eddie, sporting their Ford cowboy hats! Mike, matching our Ford truck with his cool shades! Gabe, hard at work at Riata Ford Sales manager Jesse and his adorable son (sitting on a Ford…what else?!) Jordan next to our Ford, ready for Christmas time and wrapped in a bow! (The Ford, not Jordan!) Tiffini—getting excited for our Black Friday specials this week! What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Leif Johnson Halloween Potluck

We had a great time over at Leif Johnson last week celebrating Halloween with a delicious potluck! Everyone brought a little something to make for a feast that was equal parts yummy AND spooky. Check out the pictures to see what we mean!: Sofia looking pleased with her strawberry cream cheese cupcake! Tony, Sofia and Susan cheesin’ for the camera!  Miranda, getting ready to eat her treats! Jamie is very giddy about her cupcake! Chad, caught in the act (of eating) Shay and Betty, ready to eat! Tom Bob, Sonya and Susan, preparing to chow down on some delicious homemade pork tacos! Misty and Wesley, piling their plates up with spooktacular goodies! James is ready to dig in! And let’s not forget all of this amazing food!!! We definitely had a blast eating and celebrating! Come see us at Leif Johnson to join in on our daily fun!