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Retiring in Style (With a little help from Leif Johnson Ford)

Imagine selling your house, getting rid of your vehicles and quitting your job. All at the same time. Sounds a little crazy, eh?


But this is exactly what Doug and Doris Henderson are in the process of doing. They are “right in the middle” of retirement, and even though Doris half-jokes that they are “homeless and jobless”,their future is actually looking pretty darn awesome.

These two are getting ready to forget about all of that work stuff and move to the beaches of Corpus Christi. They also needed vehicles more suitable for their new adventures. That’s where we come in. A new Ford Edge and F-150 later, this sweet couple is ready to start a new chapter of their lives. And it looks like it’s going to be full of relaxation, sand, sun and plenty of smooth sailing. (Or driving.)

Leif Johnson Ford couldn’t be happier to help the Hendersons retire in style.

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