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Employee Highlights: Keith and Dale

Here at Leif Johnson Ford, we pride ourselves on our awesome team members and all they do to make our dealership  shine. Today we’d love to take this opportunity to introduce you to two of our outstanding employees! Meet Keith. He is our current Employee of the Month at our Leif Johnson Ford location, and has recently moved over from Truck City Ford to help out in the Parts’ department. His work ethic, great attitude and team spirit won him his currently employee of the month title. When Keith isn’t hanging out with his little family, you can often find him hard at work at Leif Johnson. He tells us customers like you are one of his favorite things about working with us. “My customers make my day!” he says. As Keith tells us about the people he has had the chance to work with, we can tell that he truly values both his fellow team members and his Parts’ customers. Meet Dale. He is celebrating thirty-three years of working with us at Leif and is now currently …

Employee Highlights: Marri Stokes

We just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to the wonderful Marri Stokes, our internet director here at Leif Johnson Ford. She has just reached seventeen years of working with us, and we couldn’t be more thankful for her hard work, wonderful attitude and incredible leadership skills. She works remotely, so though we don’t see her often, we don’t know what we would do without her! Like the Charlie of Charlie’s Angels, she is rarely seen but a vital part of our team just the same. When asked what her favorite thing about working at Leif was, she told us this: “Our company truly values people on a personal level, both employee and customer. Just like a family we have celebrated life’s great joys together and we have held each other up through life’s great pains.  Leif Johnson Ford is a place full of people who care deeply about the friends they work with, the people they serve and the work they do. It’s a joy and honor to get to …

Road Trip Tips from Leif Johnson Ford

It’s almost summer, and that means it’s the absolute perfect time to make memories by hitting the road. Before you and yours head out on that summertime road-trip, Leif Johnson Ford has a few tips to keep you safe and make your trip as fun and simple as possible. 1.  Download handy car apps like Breakdown Lane App and Waze. Waze alerts you of traffic and allows you to interact with others on the road, while Breakdown Lane App will show you an instant map of the closest mechanics and their customer rankings, complete with reviews and ratings from Car Talk website visitors. 2. Don’t over drive, and make frequent stops. Stop for a short break every few hours to walk around to help stay alert. Also remember that professional truckers aren’t supposed to drive more than 11 hours in a 14-hour workday, and it’s been proven that driving tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk. A tip from your friends at Leif Johnson Ford: Don’t do it! 3. Don’t forget the Basic Repair Kit Have …

Retiring in Style (With a little help from Leif Johnson Ford)

Imagine selling your house, getting rid of your vehicles and quitting your job. All at the same time. Sounds a little crazy, eh? But this is exactly what Doug and Doris Henderson are in the process of doing. They are “right in the middle” of retirement, and even though Doris half-jokes that they are “homeless and jobless”,their future is actually looking pretty darn awesome. These two are getting ready to forget about all of that work stuff and move to the beaches of Corpus Christi. They also needed vehicles more suitable for their new adventures. That’s where we come in. A new Ford Edge and F-150 later, this sweet couple is ready to start a new chapter of their lives. And it looks like it’s going to be full of relaxation, sand, sun and plenty of smooth sailing. (Or driving.) Leif Johnson Ford couldn’t be happier to help the Hendersons retire in style.

Early Valentine’s At Leif Johnson Ford

Ismael and Yolanda Nunez are in love. With each other, and with their brand new F-150 purchased at Leif Johnson Ford. They are also committed to the good things in life. They have been married for 43 years and have been choosing our dealership for 15 years. They bought their first Ford from us back in 2000! (Is it just me or it a little scary that this was fifteen years ago?!) The couple chuckled over the fact that not once but twice they have come in for a simple oil change and have left with a new vehicle. When asked what their favorite thing was about Leif, they complimented their sales lady Sonya for never being pushy and always taking time to explain details. As for our dealership, they love the fact that we “always work with you.” Yolanda gushed that their newest buy was an early Valentine’s Day present from her hubby. This adorable duo was clearly smitten with each other, their new F-150 and their dealership of choice—A beautiful couple and a wonderful Valentine’s Day indeed!

Leif Johnson Anniversaries

At Leif Johnson, we are so happy to have such hardworking and loyal team members, many who have been with us for decades. Celebrating their work anniversaries is a just a small way of saying thank you for all of they do for our Ford family. Meet Paul . He has worked with us for an amazing forty years, and is an asset to our Parts team. When asked what his favorite part about working at Leif is, he definitely has more than one thing to say. “All of the comradery, all of the friends. They’re all good people. I meet a lot of customers, and enjoy the public.” And when asked what he’s learned in his forty years with us he shares this, ” (I’ve learned) how to get along with people really well, how to treat people nicely. All changes for the better.” We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that he appreciates us in the same way that we appreciate him! Meet Gerard, Gerry for short. He has worked on our team for nearly as long as …

“Drive the Future Of Tough” Ford F-150 Tour

Have you recently dreamed of sugarplums and driving the new 2015 F-150? Well, we’re here to make your dreams come true. Well, the F-150 part anyway. You’ll have to find your own sugarplums. That’s right, y’all. It’s the official Ford tour, and it’s coming to Austin. More specifically, it’s coming to Leif Johnson Ford. On December 11th 2014, 5:30-8:30 pm at our Central location, you will have the chance to check out the 2015 F-150 before its official release date. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and not one that you’re going to want to miss. As if all of this isn’t great enough, we’re also going to provide you with free drinks and snacks. Food, refreshments AND the newest F-150? It doesn’t get much better than that! Sign up here: Think of it as an early Christmas present from our Leif Johnson Ford family, to you.

Ford F-150: Seamless Windows

So you’ve heard all about the lighter, aluminum body of the 2015 Ford F-150. You know it’s going to be our most fuel efficient F-150 yet. You probably know it’s built even more Ford tough than before. But have you heard about the sliding rear window yet? It may sound like a smaller addition, but sometimes big things come in smaller packages. Read on, friends. Yes, the rear window is seamless. This brilliant design was created by Ford Motor Company and Magna International. Not only does it hide window seams, but it also reduces overall component parts. You can have your window completely open, and still this two-piece design will allow the window area to completely defrost, just as it would closed. Pretty neat, eh? The typical sliding rear window consists of three pieces of glass held together by a support structure with additional working components. With the touch of a button, your new seamless window will open. Not only is this convenient, but it looks pretty cool too.  More than just looking awesome, the new design of the …

Responsible Parenting Award Ceremony

On December 17th, Leif Johnson had the honor of partnering with Child Inc. to give away Ford vehicles and many other gifts for the Responsible Parenting Award! We absolutely loved seeing the faces of the ecstatic children and parents upon receiving their presents at this ceremony. Our Fords definitely went to an amazing group of families, and we feel so fortunate to have the chance to take part in this event every Christmas season! What exactly does this award ceremony entail, you might ask? According to the Child Inc. website, “The Responsible Parenting Responsible Relationship Awards is a project of Child Inc. in which members of the local community including businesses, faith-based, civic and neighborhood groups, recognize and reward parents for their commitment to responsible parenting and responsible relationships. Parents are recognized for their effort in raising their children responsibly, taking an active role in their child’s early education, and working towards strengthening their relationships.” 300+ businesses and individuals in and around the Austin area are taking part in the Responsible Parenting and Responsible Relationships., and Leif is one of them! Check …

Leif Johnson Employee of the Month: Austin Kinsey

Congratulations to Austin Kinsey for being named the Leif Johnson employee of the month! Austin has with been Leif for nearly a year as a Body Shop Porter at our Round Rock Collision Center location! Austin’s work ethic and his efforts to always go above and beyond are amongst the reasons he was perfect for our Employee of the Month title. “Cutting metal”, “Driving nice trucks” and the “benefits” are three of his favorite things about working at Leif. When he’s not at work, he loves to play video games (He’s a ranked “pvp-er”, which is computer talk for a video-gaming pro!), and hang out with his two kiddos. We are so thankful to have hard-working, fun and helpful employees like Austin Kinsey with us at Leif Johnson Ford!