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Employee Highlights: Keith and Dale

Here at Leif Johnson Ford, we pride ourselves on our awesome team members and all they do to make our dealership  shine. Today we’d love to take this opportunity to introduce you to two of our outstanding employees!


Meet Keith. He is our current Employee of the Month at our Leif Johnson Ford location, and has recently moved over from Truck City Ford to help out in the Parts’ department. His work ethic, great attitude and team spirit won him his currently employee of the month title. When Keith isn’t hanging out with his little family, you can often find him hard at work at Leif Johnson. He tells us customers like you are one of his favorite things about working with us. “My customers make my day!” he says. As Keith tells us about the people he has had the chance to work with, we can tell that he truly values both his fellow team members and his Parts’ customers.


Meet Dale. He is celebrating thirty-three years of working with us at Leif and is now currently the Part’s manager at our Truck City location. He tells us that in his three decades + of working with us, he has seen so many friends retire, join the company and has even seen some dear comrades pass away. Bittersweet as this may be,  it’s immediately clear that Dale is proud to be a part of so much of our history, and thankful to have acquired the relationships he has in his thirty-three years with us. When asked what his favorite thing about working with us, he responds with a definite,  “The people I work with!”

We are so thankful to have built a team of incredible employees such as Keith and Dale!

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