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Best Cars for Back to School

High-school and college students, (and their parents!) we’re looking at you. We know it’s just about time to go back to school, so we’ve collected a few of our favorite and most affordable Fords for your (mostly) educational needs.  Read on, Fordies.

Ford Fiesta

The price:

The least expensive Ford of the group, this ride is currently on sale at Leif Johnson Ford from only 12,499.00.
The perks: At up to 43 MPG, the fuel economy paired with the price is an absolute steal.  This is also the first-ever Ford three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Named the 2014 International Engine of the Year, it is available on the Fiesta SE with manual transmission. This 1.0 liter turbo-charged, direct-injection powerplant delivers 123 horsepower and 125 lb.-ft. of torque. Push button start, a rearview camera, SYNC system and other great techy bonuses are also available for our students. Other fun features include things like Torque Vectoring Control with understeer cornering control and AdvanceTrac® with three-mode electronic stability control, amongst many other snazzy things.
The verdict:
We know you’re working hard enough. Your car should be simple yet efficient, fun and affordable. The Fiesta covers all of this.
Ford Focus
The price: The 2015 Ford Focus is currently on sale at Leif Johnson Ford starting at a very reasonable $16,499.00.
The perks: Tech options like the rearview camera, Sync system and AdvanceTrac® with electronic stability control allows for both fun and safety, appealing to students and parents alike. The power in this ride will also appeal to the younger generation: Turbocharged, direct-injection 2.0L EcoBoost® engine delivers 252 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque. Leather trimmed seats and leather wrapped steering wheel give this ride a classy look at a great price. The ride in the Focus is also incredibly smooth and the seats quite comfy, so this cozy ride will help students escape from their studies and stresses – as long as they’re driving.
The verdict: Sit back, relax and listen to some music on your handy dandy Sync system. You’ve just studied really hard for that test. You deserve a Ford Focus.
Ford Fusion SE Hybrid Sedan:
The price: From $23,749.00 at Leif Johnson Ford. Pricier than the previous options, but if you’re a commuting student, it’ll be well worth it.
The perks:
Efficiency is the name of the game for you school-goers, and we get that. The 2.0L I-4 Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine delivers 188 combined horsepower and a stellar hybrid performance.  And to save on your gas, the all-electric mode at speeds up to 85 mph. On top of all of this goodness, this Fusion gets up to 44 MPG and The dual LCD next-generation SmartGauge® with EcoGuide provides real-time information to help you enhance the efficiency of your Fusion. The regenerative braking system captures up to 90 percent of energy normally lost through heat during braking, and recycles energy to recharge hybrid battery. As green as this car is, it still comes with fun stuff like that awesome rearview camera of ours.
The verdict: Obviously, this car is designed to make all of your friends jealous. Oh, and to save you a ton of money in the long run. Making friends envious AND saving you dollar bills? Yep, we’ve got your back.
Disclaimer: *Price includes all available dealer discounts and rebates. Price subject to change with availability and incentives change. While supply lasts. Some rebates require Ford Financing.
With deals like these, you’ll be not only ready but probably even excited to head back to school.  Sound good? Call us at 512-454-3711 today and we’ll get you new-car-back-to-school-ready in no time!

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