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Fun Car Hacks

  1. Take one laundry sheet to put under each of your car seats. One sheet per seat = A beautiful smelling car!
  2. Bringing pizza home? Have seat warmers? Turn your seat warmers up to full blast to keep your pizza warm the whole ride home!
  3. If your vehicle has a remote starter like the 2015 Ford Escape, turn your AC setting on and wait about five minutes before getting in. Boom. Just like that you’ve beat the (105 degrees in Austin Texas, y’all) summer heat.
  4. scUse an all cleaning eraser to wipe down the residue and film that builds up on your windshield. Best part? It won’t leave any streaks! You can also use shaving cream. Sounds odd, but if you apply to the inside and wipe off it will help to reduce fogging.
  5. The best for last here. If you’ve ever left your windows down and ended up with a damp car, here’s your solution. Kitty litter in a sock. Yep, you heard us right. Leave it in the car overnight, and by morning your Ford will be all dried up!

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