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Responsible Parenting Award Ceremony

On December 17th, Leif Johnson had the honor of partnering with Child Inc. to give away Ford vehicles and many other gifts for the Responsible Parenting Award! We absolutely loved seeing the faces of the ecstatic children and parents upon receiving their presents at this ceremony. Our Fords definitely went to an amazing group of families, and we feel so fortunate to have the chance to take part in this event every Christmas season!


What exactly does this award ceremony entail, you might ask? According to the Child Inc. website, “The Responsible Parenting Responsible Relationship Awards is a project of Child Inc. in which members of the local community including businesses, faith-based, civic and neighborhood groups, recognize and reward parents for their commitment to responsible parenting and responsible relationships. Parents are recognized for their effort in raising their children responsibly, taking an active role in their child’s early education, and working towards strengthening their relationships.” 300+ businesses and individuals in and around the Austin area are taking part in the Responsible Parenting and Responsible Relationships., and Leif is one of them!

Check out more pictures from this event below!



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  1. don alexander says

    This is so awesome! Really i can’t put into words how kind this is. I know the realities of families who try harder than any of us do to make ends meet. So many families out there have just not been dealt the same hand we have. To grow up in an enviroment of socio economic means, there is disparity and many do not understand the difficulties faced by these families. Thanks to a foundation like this that recognizes people who are truly beuatiful and decent and loving to thier children and can see past sterotypes. In todays society and work enviroment a dependable means of transportation is crucial. Many do not understand how difficult life can be now without that privilage.
    Thanks again to all who makes this happen.

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