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Leif Johnson Anniversaries

At Leif Johnson, we are so happy to have such hardworking and loyal team members, many who have been with us for decades. Celebrating their work anniversaries is a just a small way of saying thank you for all of they do for our Ford family.


Meet Paul . He has worked with us for an amazing forty years, and is an asset to our Parts team. When asked what his favorite part about working at Leif is, he definitely has more than one thing to say. “All of the comradery, all of the friends. They’re all good people. I meet a lot of customers, and enjoy the public.” And when asked what he’s learned in his forty years with us he shares this, ” (I’ve learned) how to get along with people really well, how to treat people nicely. All changes for the better.” We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that he appreciates us in the same way that we appreciate him!


Meet Gerard, Gerry for short. He has worked on our team for nearly as long as Paul, at an incredibly thirty-seven years. He too has nothing but nice things to say about working on our team. “I’ve learned a lot about life, about people. I’ve learned a lot about patience.” He also tells us his favorite thing about working with us is his fellow employees, and that he has a lot of fun being a part of the Part’s team practical jokes. At this, the team starts laughing, sharing stories about phones trapped in Jello and various other pranks they’ve pulled on one another. They work hard, but they can play hard too. It is clear, looking at the laughter and smiles that fill this room, that this is a team that loves, respects and enjoys one another.

We are so proud to call this team our own, and so thankful to have such a committed, fun-loving staff. They are what make Leif Johnson Ford the strong, friendly and long-withstanding Austin dealership that it is.

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