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Captured Leif Johnson Moments

A fun workplace is a happy workplace, wouldn’t you agree? Employees and customers alike love their time spent at our Leif Johnson Ford locations, and we absolutely love capturing these moments to camera.

Take a look at some of our latest captured shenanigans:

Our good looking Truck City Ford team!


Savannah and Wesley, posing for the camera!


Our sweet boss Fred, taking a quick break to smile for us! blog10

Salesman Frank bought a new truck—from Truck City Ford, of course!


Plez Is hard at work at Riata Ford-


Chad and Susan, showing off one of our beautiful Fords at Leif Central!


Tami, looking festive for Saint Patty’s at Truck City!


Hanging out with our Riata Ford ladies (Who are looking ready for a Ford road-trip!)


Gil showing off one of our snazzy Riata Ford trucks:


Leif Johnson Ford customers, getting ready to roll with a little help from our handy-dandy service team.


Peter, part of our helpful sync team, helping a customer with his new truck!


Felician with one our very happy customers!


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