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Eduardo’s 13 Years at Leif Johnson

Eduardo Luna has worked with us at Leif Johnson Ford for thirteen years now. When asked what his favorite thing about working with us is, he happily lists a handful of things. “Everybody gets along really well. It’s a family sort of environment” he tells us.


He also says that he loves everything from his coworkers to his bosses, and that, put simply “Everybody is cool.” He goes on to say that every year he feels more and more comfortable as part of our team, but at the same time he is always striving to “keep improving.” This is the type of attitude we love and look for at Leif Johnson Ford, and just part of what makes our team such a great one.

Mr. Luna has been doing everything from tinting to graphics for us for more than a decade, and we absolutely love having him as part of our crew. Our Leif Johnson Ford family definitely wouldn’t be the same without him.

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