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Leif Johnson Customer Letter: Roel

Customer Roel was so happy with the customer service at Leif Johnson that he recently sent us a beaming letter of satisfaction! Read what he had to say about us below!


“I wanted to share my purchase experience, and let you know what a great job that Ross Brown and Amanda Braun did with my new Ford Escape purchase.

I emailed five Ford dealers on Sunday afternoon in search of an Escape SE. All five dealers got back to me, but none of the Internet salesman responded as quickly and effectively as Ross. Unlike the other salesman, Ross carefully read each of my emails and came back with responses that reflected my concerns and requests. Every time I thought I would go with another dealer, Ross would find a way to get back into the mix. He simply would not stop working until he sold me an amazing car at an amazing price.


When I showed up at the dealership, part of me was waiting for the other shoe to drop. For a hitch to come up in the deal that would keep me from closing in on the unbelievable price that Ross had offered me. But you guys came through with the deal exactly as Ross had promised with no shenanigans. Amanda took us through the financing process, and we had the best new car purchasing experience that I’ve ever had. And I’ve bought five new cars and one used car in the past 14 years.

I ended up getting a 2014 Escape Titanium in the color that I wanted, and with options that I never thought would fall in my desired price range. Thank you for the honesty of your team and for a great experience.”

We’d love to show you this same “great experience” that Roel had with us! Come see us at Leif Johnson Ford so that we can get started on YOUR amazing deal today!

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