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Customer Highlights: Susan

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Susan recently bought a used car for her daughter from Leif Johnson’s North Superstore, and was happy to share about the great experience she had with us.

Susan’s daughter had never bought her own car before, so mom stepped in to help out. She says she sent in an email request on a vehicle and, “It worked out really well.” She tells us that her salesman, Chris Reed, offered “absolutely friendly service.” and a no-fuss car deal.

Chris and Susan struck up a bond throughout the car-buying process. “I like Susan a lot.”, he tells us, saying she was “sweet” but “straightforward.” She let him know that she wasn’t looking to mess around, and wanted to get straight to business. Chris took her words to heart and quickly found her a car that would be perfect for her daughter.  An awesome mom and a great salesman–It was a match made in car-heaven!

To find your very own match, visit us at any of our five Leif Johnson locations today!


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