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Q&A With Sync Tech Employee Peter Gott

Today we talked to employee Peter to find out what he thought about working at Leif Johnson Ford! Read on to see what he had to say.

Name –

Peter Gott


How long have you been working at Leif Johnson? –

Since May 2012. A year and four months!

What do you do at Leif? –
I’m a Sync Technologist; In-Car IT support. We also do customer service, call backs, make sure they’re having a good experience with their cars. We maintain people’s accounts and make sure features are active. We organize and maintain manuals and keys and the check out system.

So you’re a jack of all trades? –


What do you think sets Leif Johnson apart from other car dealerships? –

We’re great to customers. We’re the only dealership with a whole sync team in the area; We go out of our way for our customers.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Leif Johnson? –

Helping people, without a shred of a doubt. I get to meet so many different people. It’s awesome.

Do you have a favorite story involving a customer? –

It’s really exciting to me when people don’t realize the level of technology they’re getting. People’s faces just light up when they do realize. I’ve seen people just start dancing in their car, burst out laughing, or give a smile that lights up the sky. They’re like a kid at Christmas.

Final words on Leif Johnson Ford? –

It’s just really awesome that this dealership group has an entire team of people that exists purely to be a free resource for customers to have access to learn and be comfortable with their car.

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