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Ask a Dealer: The Waiting Game


You’ve got questions we’ve got answers. Leif Johnson Auto Group employees answer honestly about everyone’s favorite topic:

Why does it take so long to buy a car?

Answer: Buying a car takes time. We are talking about a vehicle you and your family are planning on spending several years with. Leif Johnson wants to make sure that not only are you protected with such a big investment, but that it is done right the first time so that there are no future hassles. We want you to find the right vehicle for your needs so that you drive away satisfied.

It seems like my salesman dissapears for various lapses of time, what gives?

Answer: We have to obtain your financing, call for payoffs on your old vehicle, make sure we prepare the vehicle to showroom quality for delivery, get all of the DMV paperwork correct. Your salesman is working hard for you, to ensure that all the odds and ends are handled correctly.

What’s with all the delays?

Answer: Delays are generally from having to call your bank and obtaining a payoff on your trade-in or contacting wholesalers about your trade-in if you have a unique vehicle. Also, if credit is an issue it will take some time to nail down an exact interest rate as we have to contact the lenders. As we prepare your new vehicle, paperwork and financing we always have you, our customer, in mind.

How long will this take?

Answer: The time varies on a case by case basis. Its best to clear your schedule and invest some time into the purchase of your new car. We value your time and want to make your visit to  the dealership convenient and efficient. At Leif Johnson, we want to ensure that you have all the facts and understand everything from the financing to the features of the vehicle you are purchasing.

There you have it folks. Although buying a car is a fun and exciting time for everyone involved you need to be mindful that it sometimes takes time and patience on both our parts. And remember for honest people with honest prices visit us at Lief Johnson. Happy car buying!

*To submit a question to ‘ask a dealer’ please email valvarez@leifjohnsonford.com*

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