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5 Tips To Having A Stress-Free Car Buying Experience

At Leif Johnson Ford, we want to sell you a vehicle. But we want more than that. We want to sell you a vehicle at a price that works for you, and we work hard to save you money. We understand that sometimes it can be hard to know exactly how to save dollars when vehicle shopping. Our number one goal is to make that process easy for you, so we’re making purchasing a car a little less overwhelming with these simple steps. Research your vehicle options ahead of time Of course you want to get a good deal, but don’t only consider an incredible price tag. Is this vehicle reliable? Does the size and fuel-economy work for you and your family? Will it work for your lifestyle? These are all important things to research and consider when looking to purchase a vehicle. Sites like Edmunds and are great for guiding you to vehicles that will help fit your needs. 2. Email ahead Have a list of vehicles in mind and want more information? …

Ask a Dealer: The Waiting Game

You’ve got questions we’ve got answers. Leif Johnson Auto Group employees answer honestly about everyone’s favorite topic: Why does it take so long to buy a car? Answer: Buying a car takes time. We are talking about a vehicle you and your family are planning on spending several years with. Leif Johnson wants to make sure that not only are you protected with such a big investment, but that it is done right the first time so that there are no future hassles. We want you to find the right vehicle for your needs so that you drive away satisfied. It seems like my salesman dissapears for various lapses of time, what gives? Answer: We have to obtain your financing, call for payoffs on your old vehicle, make sure we prepare the vehicle to showroom quality for delivery, get all of the DMV paperwork correct. Your salesman is working hard for you, to ensure that all the odds and ends are handled correctly. What’s with all the delays? Answer: Delays are generally from having to call your bank and …

Today I Learned: Getting Pulled Over In Style

Did you know that Ford has a website where police officers can post pictures of their beautiful new Ford police vehicles? Officers from all over the world have posted pictures of their new rides through the interceptors on duty campaign. Now that the iconic Crown Vic or as I like to call it “the cop car” is no longer in production, police departments are searching for vehicles that are just as sturdy and reliable. Obviously many have gone with what’s tried and true with Ford. Pictures like this almost make you want get pulled over to check them out…almost. Not only are these vehicles gorgeous but Ford has made them specifically for the boys in blue and boast features like being designed “specifically for pursuit driving.” So browse through and hope you don’t ever see any of these beauties in your rearview. And if you feel yourself getting car envy don’t worry you don’t have to join the police academy or get arrested to end up in a Ford. Just pay Leif Johnson a visit!