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Tips on Tire Replacement

Knowing exactly when to get your tired replace can be confusing. The Leif Johnson Ford team wants to keep you safe and informed so we’ve made a quick video with tips of when and why you’ll need new tires. Enjoy!


How do I know if I need new tires?

You may notice when it’s raining or just in general when driving that you have less traction.

Tread wear indicators show up as flat rubber bars running perpendicular to the direction of the tread itself. If more than one or two of these are visible on a tire, the tread is getting low.

Serious cracks in the side wall of tire or bulges and blisters on the tire mean it’s time for a replacement.

If your car vibrating too often, one of the reasons for this could be that you need new tires.

Most people don’t know this one – Check the date on your tires. On the outside of a tire on a right end, you will find a set of numbers indicative of the manufacturing date. For example, “1916”, which means the 19th week of 2016. If this date was over five years ago, it’s time to replace your tires.

Need new tires or pricing and details on our tires? We have a Price Match Guarantee at Leif Johnson Ford! Call us at 512-454-3767 to schedule an appointment with Mr. Bobby Buhl today!


Scenic Views in Austin, Texas

Austin is known for its great music, nightlife and unique weirdness, to name just a few things. Another thing this great city offers us is an array of scenic views and beautiful views. We’ve compiled a quick list of some of our favorite places to drive to in our Fords. Enjoy, fellow Austinites!


  1. Mt. Bonnell


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The highest point in Austin City Limits offers some astounding views of Lake Austin. It has been an ATX landmark since the 1850’s and is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic with loved ones!

2.  Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool

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Located just slightly out of Austin, Hamilton Pool is a quick road-trip to a gorgeous destination. A natural pool complete with breathtaking waterfalls is sure to make for a perfect summer day. Note: Reserve at least two weeks in advance for this one! Spots go fast.

Zip Lake Travis


Take a drive out to Lake Travis to zip through nature at Lake Travis Zipline adventures. Fun for the family and adventure lovers alike –  This is the longest zipline in Texas and the breathtaking views will not disappoint!

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The Oasis


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Known as the “Sunset Capital of Texas”, this 30,000 square foot restaurant offers some of the best views in Austin. Paired with queso and a tasty margarita, this is a must-drive to in north Austin.

Zilker Park


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Zilker offers beautiful views of the city, along with fun events like Blues on the Green in the summer and the Trail of Lights near Christmastime. Take your Ford out with plans of flying kites, kayaking or simply enjoying the scenery!

Austin 360 Bridge


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Park your ride and take the short but sweet hike that leads to some magnificent views of our favorite city.

Share your favorite scenic destinations to drive to in the comment section!

Employee Highlight: Jamie Reaser


Leif Johnson Ford is honored to not only be able to partner with Susan G. Komen, but to also have an employee featured on their blog this week.  But we are even more honored to have Jamie Reaser as an employee at our Riata Ford location.

When Jamie was diagnosed with breast cancer, he couldn’t believe it.

“I’m a 65 year old male. I can’t have breast cancer. I’m a man with breast cancer? This just can’t be.”

. Although about only one percent of breast cancer occurs in men in the US, it is a possibility.


With the support of his partner Glenn and his friends at Riata Ford, Jamie prepared to fight. And after rounds of chemo and surgery, Jamie was announced cancer free. We are so grateful that Jamie is a cancer survivor, and incredibly thankful to have this strong and courageous man as part of our Ford family.

“I wouldn’t have made it through all of this if it were not for my partner of 40 years, Glenn, and all of my coworkers in the accounting department at Riata Ford.”

Read the full article at Susan G. Komen’s blog by clicking here.

Giving Back with Susan G. Komen


This June, the Leif Johnson Ford team had the chance to take part in something truly incredible; We were able to fight against breast cancer by gifting  a 33,700 check to Susan G. Komen. Below you will find the press release from this amazing event.


Leif Johnson Ford Donates $33,700 to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

$100 Donated for every truck sold during Truck Month

Austin, Texas, June 8, 2016:

Leif Johnson Ford, Riata Ford and Leif Johnson’s Truck City Ford recently presented Karen Shultz, Executive Director of Susan G. Komen a check for $33,700. The check was presented by Fred Trudeau, General Manager of the Leif Johnson Family of Dealerships.

The funds were raised during Ford’s Truck Month Sales Event and presented this past Wednesday in the Leif Johnson Ford showroom.


Mr. Trudeau, in presenting the check, stated “This was one of the most rewarding times in Leif Johnson’s 60 year history. Hundreds of thousands of families are affected by cancer in some form every year. Including the Leif Johnson Family. So we are proud to play this small part to help our local organization in research and assisting those that need financial help in receiving their treatments. And the Leif Johnson Family commits to making more of a financial impact in the race this year.”

The check was presented to Karen Shultz Austin’s Executive Director of Susan G. Komen. Also attending the event from the local organization, Jenny Peterson, Komen Survivor and Race Ambassador, Lydia Hopper, Race Chair, Katie Robertson, Libby Tilley, Lauren Mills, Jeannine O’Deans, Ray Anne Evans, ED BCRC Komen Austin grant recipient and Amy Mosier, survivor and 2016 Pink Gala Chair.

The Leif Johnson Ford family owns and operates three Ford new car franchises and a total of 5 Used car locations in Austin, Buda and Manor, Texas.



At Leif Johnson Ford, we are proud to be Austinites and we are even more proud to help out our Austin community however we can. Thanks for letting us be a part of it all, friends.


“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” – Jim Rohn


Customer Highlight: Charles Lightfoot

Charles Lightfoot says his 2008 Escape saved his life. He was in an accident and says that the support of the vehicle kept him safe, despite the seriousness of the collision.


Mr. Lightfoot has been buying Fords for us for many years, and has bought his past four vehicles from our longtime saleswoman Sonya Saat. Their comradery makes it clear that Charles is part of our treasured Ford family. And we couldn’t be more proud to have him as a longtime customer. Lightfoot is an army veteran who served our country for thirty years, and he now volunteers to help take care of wounded warriors. He comes from a military family and tells us that he’s travelled all over the world, “at least once.”

Having people like Charles walk through our doors time and again is part of what makes us so grateful and humbled to be serving the Austin area. We’re honored that one of our Fords helped keep this man, a man who has served in keeping our nation out of harm’s way, safe and sound.


Earning By Learning Volunteer Breakfast


Our Truck City Ford crew was recently invited to a breakfast for volunteers at Camino Reale Elementary School. We are honored to be longtime volunteers for Earning by Learning, a program that helps kids learn to love reading. By asking a series of questions, our team learns how much the students have read, and from there they are able to earn money for their knowledge. A story shared at the volunteer breakfast about one of these students brought tears to the whole room.



A grandmother of one of the students told us that her granddaughter loved Earning by Learning so much that she has started to emulating the experience at home.


This awesome young lady began collecting books and putting them in a wagon. She has started a neighborhood library of sorts, where she lets other children borrow her books. When they return, she asks the questions about the book just as our volunteers do at Earning by Learning. If they answer these questions correctly, she let’s them pick from a collection of toys and candies that she has gathered just for this reason.

Alex, one of our Truck City Ford employees and volunteers explained what an inspiring and moving moment this was for our team. “Everyone was crying, just seeing the community giving back to each other. It was seeing that (volunteering) was bigger than just ‘read more.’ It was about ‘do more.’ We never knew we impacted the kids this much. It was special.”


This story shared at the volunteer breakfast was a perfect reminder that changing the world begins with the smallest of steps, and can grow monumental with every rippling effect. We are so proud to be a part of such an incredible community and Ford team.



Weird Car Washing Tips That Work

  • Leif Johnson Ford here with your weekly supply of fun, handy and simple auto hacks! This week we have some super simple car washing tips that will help you have the best looking ride around town. Read on, Ford lovers!
  • Did you know hair conditioner containing lanolin will make not only your hair but also your vehicle extra shiny? Sounds crazy, but don’t diss it until your try it!
  • If you have oily grime on your windshield, cream of tartar is the perfect fix to rid your ride of that nasty residue. Simply sprinkle it on your windshield, wipe glass with soapy water, rinse and dry. Wa-la! Clean windshield.
  • bs
  • Baking soda mixed with water and dishwashing liquid is GREAT for cleaning the outside of your car. Ad 1/4 cup of baking soda and dishwashing liquid to a gallon sized jug, and fill the rest of the jug with water. Shake well before using!


  • This one’s going to seem extra weird, y’all. If your windshield wiper reservoir is empty, use feminine hygiene maxi pads to clean your windshield. Your neighbors might look at you funny, but your windshield will shine to the maxi!
  • But if you don’t want to live on the wild side, baby wipes also work great for cleaning the windshield. Your neighbors won’t judge you either.
  • Keep those headlights squeaky clean and shiny by using window cleaner and scrubbing intensely with old pantyhose.
  • If you have any bottom shelf vodka left over from the days when you could drink the stuff without gagging, it can actually come in handy here. Use a screw top gallon jug to combine 3 cups vodka with 4 cups water and 2 teaspoons liquid dishwashing detergent. Shake well and you have your own windshield wiper fluid!
  • kersosene
  • If you’re looking for a car cleaner even more intense than vodka, how about some kerosene? Mix  1 cup kerosene to a 3-gallon pail full of water. Proceed to sponge the solution over your car. You won’t have to spray the car or even to use wax after, and your vehicle will stay clean and rust-proof longer!
  • Bam. Weird car hacks are strangely dandy, aren’t they? Thanks to Reader’s Digest with their help for these awesome tips! Click here to read more.