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Ford – Always Going Further

By 2020, Ford will have transformed their North American car lineup. There’s so many reasons to be excited about this. news Here’s what 2020 will look like in the world of Ford


  • 75 percent of the vehicle lineup will be replaced with smarter and more connected vehicles.
  • These vehicles will also come with both better speed and quality than ever before.
  • The average age of Ford vehicles will drop to just over three years.
  • Customers are living more active lifestyles and want more trucks and SUVs. It’s  important for Ford to always give the customers what they want – This is why these vehicles will soon be a whopping 86% of Ford’s volume.
  • The F-150 will continue to be made as smart, capable and tough as possible.
  • The Ford Ranger is making a comeback in 2019, along with a new F-Series Super Duty.
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi will be standard equipment by the end of 2019.
  • Ford is adding a new line of off-road SUV’s perfect for adventuring near and far. These powerful SUV’s are inspired by the Raptor but are also still friendly enough to be a perfect family vehicle.
  • Lookout for new on-road vehicles too – This includes the upcoming Edge ST and the Explorer ST.
  • Also joining the lineup in 2020 is the all new Ford Bronco, a sleek and smaller version of the original.
  • Ford Co-Pilot 360 will bring standard safety features such as automatic emergency breaking with pedestrian detection, a blind spot information system and lane keeping system to vehicles.
  • Ford will  be focusing more on hybrid and electric strategy. The mission is to bring hybrid capabilities to the most popular and iconic of Fords. Both plug-ins and gasoline-electric hybrids will be offered on SUVs and vans. Ready for more excitement? Hybrid powertrains will even include the Mustang and F-Series vehicles. They won’t skimp in power either. Expect a V8 like performance from the Mustang and more low-end pulling power- along with mobile generator serving abilities –  from the F-Series.  It gets even better. This new hybrid system will be not only more efficient, but more affordable than ever before!

Now until 2020 is going to be an incredible journey for Ford-lovers in the US. We at Leif Johnson Ford are so thrilled to be a part of that ride. 


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