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Top Five Underrated Outdoor Austin Spots

The weather is finally warming up and it’s a gorgeous time of year in the ATX! It’s the absolute perfect time to take your vehicle our for a drive to some of our city’s best outdoor spots. You all know about Barton Springs and Mt. Bonnell, but there are so many other gems often overlooked in Austin. Since we’ve been serving the area for over 60 years, we at Leif Johnson Ford know all about the treasures our city has to offer. Here are five of our favorite underrated Austin spots!


  1. River Place Nature Trail – This beautiful trail offers serenity, striking greenery, babbling brooks, and multiple trails great for beginners and expert hikers alike. It’s usually not too crowded and is perfect for a peaceful family or solo hike.
  2. Brushy Creek Park – This one is located outside of Austin in Cedar Park, but we think it is definitely worth the vibe. Go for a run with gorgeous lake views, let the littles enjoy the splash pad and park, go stand-up paddle boarding at the Mobile Kayak or simply enjoy a picnic with loved ones.
  3. Deep Eddy Pool – While most Austinites do know about Deep Eddy, it does often get overlooked for Barton Springs. While we absolutely adore them both, Deep Eddy gets bonus points for being the oldest pool swimming pool in all of Texas. Go to Deep Eddy when you’re looking to escape the madness and enjoy a more relaxed side of Austin life.
  4. Ski Shores Café – The Oasis and Hula Hut seem to get all of the lake-restaurant attention, but this one is arguably the best of them all. Ski Shores is right on Lake Austin, and offers a playground, a solid burger and live music on the weekends. The chill vibes and family-friendly environment make this a great hang-out spot, especially for the spring and summer months. 
  5. McKinney Falls State Park boasts a waterfall, various trails, a 500-year-old cypress tree and even a natural pool to swim in. This is a relaxing place to take a hike, and there will be just enough people to make you feel safe without the crowds. Admission is $6 per person and dogs are welcome!

Go ahead and cruise on over to one of these amazing Austin locations. These five spots don’t always get all of the attention, but they are some of the best places to visit and revisit. They are just too great not to share! LJF has been around since 1957, so we know a thing or two about cars AND the best city in the world. Let us know if you need any more tips with either of the two! PS – What are your favorite underrated Austin spots?! Let us know in the comments!


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