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How To: Save Money On Gas

Is gas money getting in the way of pinching pennies and saving dollars this summer? Leif Johnson Ford is here to give you some simple tips on how to save money at the pump!


  • Don’t leave your vehicle in the hot sun, as this will cause gas to evaporate. Stay in the shade as often as possible!
  • Do use the right kind of motor oil. You can improve your vehicle’s gas mileage by one to two percent by using the manufacturer’s recommended oil.
  • Don’t lose your fuel cap. Gas is able to escape the system when the fuel cap is removed from your vehicle.
  • Do check your tire pressure. Checking your tire pressure once a month with a digital gauge, as under-inflated tires can decrease gas mileage by about 0.2 percent for every one psi drop in the average pressure of all tires.
  • Don’t top off your vehicle. Additional gas will only slop or seep out, and there’s no point for paying for gas that ends up on the street.
  • Do replace air filters. When the engine air filters get clogged dirt or dust, it causes the engine to work harder and your car will not be as fuel-efficient.
  • Don’t use high octane fuel. Premium gas costs 15 to 20 cents per gallon more than regular gas. Unless you hear your engine making knocking sounds, which could mean that the air-fuel mixture is incorrect, you shouldn’t switch the high octane.
  • Do buy gas earlier or later in the day, and earlier in the week. Gas is cooler and less dense when the temperatures are cooler. As it gets hotter, gas density falls and you get less of it when you pump. Gas prices also typically rise between Wednesday and Sunday, making the earliest days of the week the best times to fill up.
  • Don’t choose gas stations near the highway. These often end up being pricier than ones just a bit off the beaten path.
  • Do monitor your breaking. Excessive braking only wastes your gas and causes brake pads to wear quickly. Always try to keep a good distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you in heavy traffic, as to not tailgate or slam on your brakes.
  • Don’t keep your engine on at unnecessary times. Idling your vehicle is a big source of wasted fuel!
  • Do regularly tune your engine. A properly tuned engine wastes less gas. Leif Johnson Ford would be more than happy to help with this! Feel free to schedule an appointment with us by calling 512-454-3711.

These easy tips will help you save money and keep your car cruising happily along!

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