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Five Things We LOVE About The 2018 Ford Expedition

Howdy, friends!


Great news – The 2018 Ford Expeditions are finally beginning to roll into our dealership lots! We are SO excited about this, and wanted to share that excitement with you. So we’ve decided to share five things that we are loving about the new Expedition!

  1. The Ford Expedition has been redesigned and now offers the same aluminum body as our F-150s. This means it’s about 300 pounds lighter yet stronger than ever before!
  2. Tech features such as a wireless charger and a Wi-Fi hotspot help ensure you stay connected throughout your commute.
  3. Options such as automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control lane departure warning and lane keeping assist are all available to help keep you and your passengers as safe as possible.
  4. This vehicle is SPACIOUS, y’all. Even this third row has plenty of leg room for kids and adults alike. This makes the Expedition a great road trip vehicle with enough room for up to eight people.
  5. The Turbo V-6 Engine makes the Expedition a towing-capable powerhouse.

There you have it! The Ford Expedition is a gentle giant, ready to tackle new roads and your every day routine, all in the same day!

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