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Using Waze in your Ford thanks to SYNC

Great news! Waze, the popular smart-route navigation system available on Apple and Android, is now being added to Sync 3 thanks to our friends at Ford!


Not familiar with Waze? We’d love to explain.

Waze allows its users to improve their drive time around traffic, and gives info on accidents, road hazards, construction, HOV lane support and more. That is especially great for days like today, where the weather is below freezing in Austin and #ATXWX road closures, extra congestion and accidents are all-too-common. Winter weather is much easier to combat with the safety and convenience of Waze in your Ford.

This community-based app will be available via Ford’s AppLink tech. The Waze interface featured on the in-car central display is powered by your phone, making it both simple and accessible.

Ford is the first manufacturer to integrate Waze into its own entertainment system. Now when a phone with Waze is plugged in to your Ford, it will automatically display with voice command, touchscreen controls and overall full functionality on the Sync 3 system.  This feature will be available to all 2018 Ford models in the next few weeks, and all you need is a USB cord to get going.

The integrated Waze compatibility means that driving your Ford will be even more fun and convenient than before.

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