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Earning By Learning Volunteer Breakfast


Our Truck City Ford crew was recently invited to a breakfast for volunteers at Camino Reale Elementary School. We are honored to be longtime volunteers for Earning by Learning, a program that helps kids learn to love reading. By asking a series of questions, our team learns how much the students have read, and from there they are able to earn money for their knowledge. A story shared at the volunteer breakfast about one of these students brought tears to the whole room.



A grandmother of one of the students told us that her granddaughter loved Earning by Learning so much that she has started to emulating the experience at home.


This awesome young lady began collecting books and putting them in a wagon. She has started a neighborhood library of sorts, where she lets other children borrow her books. When they return, she asks the questions about the book just as our volunteers do at Earning by Learning. If they answer these questions correctly, she let’s them pick from a collection of toys and candies that she has gathered just for this reason.

Alex, one of our Truck City Ford employees and volunteers explained what an inspiring and moving moment this was for our team. “Everyone was crying, just seeing the community giving back to each other. It was seeing that (volunteering) was bigger than just ‘read more.’ It was about ‘do more.’ We never knew we impacted the kids this much. It was special.”


This story shared at the volunteer breakfast was a perfect reminder that changing the world begins with the smallest of steps, and can grow monumental with every rippling effect. We are so proud to be a part of such an incredible community and Ford team.



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