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Earning By Learning Volunteer Breakfast

Our Truck City Ford crew was recently invited to a breakfast for volunteers at Camino Reale Elementary School. We are honored to be longtime volunteers for Earning by Learning, a program that helps kids learn to love reading. By asking a series of questions, our team learns how much the students have read, and from there they are able to earn money for their knowledge. A story shared at the volunteer breakfast about one of these students brought tears to the whole room.   A grandmother of one of the students told us that her granddaughter loved Earning by Learning so much that she has started to emulating the experience at home. This awesome young lady began collecting books and putting them in a wagon. She has started a neighborhood library of sorts, where she lets other children borrow her books. When they return, she asks the questions about the book just as our volunteers do at Earning by Learning. If they answer these questions correctly, she let’s them pick from a collection of toys and candies …

Earning By Learning

Leif Johnson Ford has been a part of the Earning by Learning program at a local Austin elementary school for twenty years now! For those wondering what exactly Earning by Learning entails, we would love to take a minute to explain. Created by a small group of Dallas citizens who recognized a need for reading in their community, this program teaches kids to work hard and dream big. Earning by Learning is a program that inspires young kids to learn to love reading. By earning a dollar for each book they read, these kiddos are finding a joy for the books and getting rewarded for their efforts. Each school year, Leif Johnson Ford volunteers make their way to their local elementary school to listen to the children read, and hear all about the books they’ve read the previous week. Not only is it an exciting journey for these kids, it is also a fun and inspiring way for us at Leif Johnson Ford to give back to our community. Helping the younger generation love to read, one book at …

Earning By Learning with Leif Johnson Ford

For nineteen years, Leif Johnson Ford has been a part of the Earning by Learning program at Allison Elementary School in Austin. What is Earning by Learning, you may ask? Well we have your answer, of course! Earning by Learning is a program that encourages students to read by allowing them to earn a dollar for each book read. During the school year, volunteers from Leif Johnson make their way to Allison Elementary to listen to children tell all about the books they’ve read that week. It’s not only an awesome way to get kids excited about reading, but it’s fun and inspiring for us volunteers too! So much fun that Leif Johnson has dedicated over 400 hours each semester for over 20 years! That’s a lot of books read by a bunch of amazing kiddos! Melissa (above) read SIX books for this weeks Earning By Learning check in. Wow! Way to go Melissa!