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Wesley’s Top Five: 2015 F-150

Salesman Wesley first started as part of our Leif Johnson Ford team back in 1995. We love having his fun, knowledgeable and Ford-loving personality as part of our team. He was recently recognized by Ford as a Level 4 Achiever for Employee Excellence, and we couldn’t be more proud of him for this achievement.


When asked what his favorite vehicle is, he said it was definitely the 2015 Ford F-150. We’d love to share with you Wesley’s F-150 Top 5. (Complete with commentary!)

1. Twin panel moonroof.

It’s huge—like a swimming pool!

2.  Adaptive cruise control.

Takes stress out of driving and paces your driving. Let’s you just chill out while you drive!

3. Power deployable running boards.

They come down really low, making it very easy to get in! Great for grandma, but it goes right back into the truck, making for better fuel efficiency.

4. Multi-contour seats.

Massaging, air conditioned AND adjustable. Promotes circulation and when you get to wherever you’re going you feel refreshed.

5. The power!

Great mileage and even greater performance!

To contact Wesley for your own F-150 (or other great Ford) test drive today, email him at wstaton@johnsonford.com or call at 512-706-6222!

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