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Sync Tips from Leif Johnson Ford

Hello, Austin (and beyond )! With Sync 3 about to make a debut, today our friendly Leif Johnson Ford sync tech Peter wanted to share some quick tips just with you. These seven pointers will help your sync system work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you have absolutely any more sync-related questions or thoughts, just contact the email at the bottom of this post, and one of our techs will be with you asap!


  1. Because of Austin’s hands free law, make sure blue tooth is always on so that calls goes directly to car.
  2. Make sure when phone is connected, that you are only answering it and receiving calls from the car, not the phone.
  3. If you need to have a private phone call, find a place to pull over engage privacy mode. Privacy mode is a way for the car to send calls to the phone so that you can talk without the phone disrupting the car’s control.
  4. When using privacy mode, make sure you hang up from car not the phone.
  5. When using voice commands to call somebody, make sure you are speaking forward with eyes on the road and driving normally. The microphone is designed to pick up your voice as though you are speaking into windshield as you keep your eyes on the road.
  6. If SYNC has trouble understanding your voice command there are three things you can do. 1. Go into phone menu and phone book to entry you are having trouble with. From there check to see how computer pronounces name. Say it the way your SYNC would say it. For example, Manchaca, which Austinites pronounce as “Man-shack,” must be pronounced “Man-chah-kah.” 2. Make sure you are saying name exactly as is in phone book. If Joe is in your phone book as “Joe annoying neighbor” yo must say “Call Joe annoying neighbor” 3. Sync does best with both first and last names. She may confuse other entries without first and last name. If you have Joe in your phone book as just Joe and also  have a Boe Baggins, she’ll ask you if you mean Joe or Boe. This is because she can’t compare Joe’s nonexistent -last name to Baggins.
  7. Most importantly— When in hands free mode and hanging up, hold button down until you know for sure you have hung up. This can take as long to three seconds.

If you have questions- mytouch@leifjohnsonford.com

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