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Happy Earth Day! #BuiltFordGreen

Happy Earth Day!


Fun Facts:

In recent years, Ford has made it a priority to reduce worldwide greenhouse emissions.

25 bottles of water are used in the carpeting of each 2015 Ford Escape.

H.I. Heinz and Ford are in the process of attempting to turn tomato skins into floor mats.

Ford uses old nylon carpeting to make resin for engine cooling fans and engine covers.

Ford Escape and Focus are more than 80 percent recyclable.


Paint fumes are turned into fuel at Michigan Truck Plant.

Ford Dearborn’s Truck Plant has the World’s Largest Living Roof, coming in at 10.4 acres of a drought resistant perennial groundcover called sedum. Sedum helps absorb up to 4 million gallons of water annually and is part of a storm water management system installed at Rouge. This roof also produces oxygen and provides natural overhead insulation for the final assembly building, which reduces energy costs.

Ford is the first two time winner of EPA’S Energy Star Award.

Since 2013, the Ford Motor Company has reduced greenhouse emissions by 9%

Between 2011 and 2016, Ford is estimated to reduce waste per vehicle by 40%.

These are just some of the ways that Ford is proud to be a partner in sustainability. Making driving greener one vehicle at a time!

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