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Customer Highlights: Ken and Mark

Ken and Mark O’Dea are brothers, and they’ve both inherited some rather adventurous spirits. So far, they’ve made their way from New Jersey all the way to Austin, Texas and Leif Johnson Ford, though the latter wasn’t exactly intentional. After riding their motorcycles all throughout trails in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, they came to Austin to ride on the famous three sister trails of the Texas Hill Country. Unfortunately, their truck started having some maintenance issues once they got here, so they flat-bedded their way out to us.


But why choose Leif Johnson Ford, when they had never even heard of our dealership living way up north? That answer is pretty simple: The customer service. Ken says he had called another dealership in the area and didn’t receive much of a welcoming vibe. That’s when he called us, and talked to our service advisor Darla. “Darla was awesome.” he told us. He let us know that, not only was she knowledgeable and friendly, but that she also sounded excited to help out. She told Ken and Mark about Greg, Leif’s very own “diesel specialist” , and the rest is history.

I- the social media representative for Leif- had the pleasure of meeting Ken and Mark as they sat by their motorcycles, waiting for their truck to be ready for the road. I loved that these two were not going to let anything stop them from their adventures- and that Leif Johnson Ford had the chance to be a helping hand in this exhilarating chapter of their lives. We couldn’t be more elated to help them get back to their journey!

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