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Apps To Help Your Everyday Commute

Have a long commute every morning and evening? There’s an app for that! Leif Johnson Ford wants to share 7 ways to make your weekly commute just a little bit better! Read on, folks!

1. Waze


30 million users and counting can’t be wrong, especially when  these users are contributing to accurate and up to date travel info! Be in the know on current road conditions, access voice-guided navigation and join/create groups to share your traffic knowledge to the world. Best of all? It’s free!

2. Songza

Also free to use, Songza lets you choose from a list of playlists based on things such as the time of day and even your mood,  It’s the perfect way to wind down, even in the midst of stop and go traffic!

3. SmartPark

If you’re prone to forgetting where you parked your car (a bad way to start off your commute home!), then do we have the perfect app for you! SmartPark guides you back to your vehicle by using location, altitude and even a handy dandy built in compass!

4. GasBuddy


Let’s face it, gas is not the cheapest thing around these days. Let GasBuddy help by finding you the cheapest gas in your area!

5. Inrix Traffic

Another traffic app, but this one uses its Smart Driver Network instead of being user based. This Smart Drive Network collects information from road sensors and collaborates with traffic providers and other trusted sources to provide maps showing live traffic and predicted traffic. For added convenience,  current conditions are compared to normal road conditions to give you a better idea of what exactly your commute will look like today.

6. Car Minder

Car Minder is similar to Inrix, but even more useful. Track your car’s miles, check when you’ll need an oil change, log mileage and fuel economy and even email this info to others!

7. Textecution


Textecution is the only app on the list that comes with a price tag (29.99) , and with good reason. It could potentially be lifesaving! This app is advanced enough to know how fast you’re driving, and will keep you from accessing certain functions if driving over 15 miles an hour. Safety and innovation!

Leif Johnson Ford hopes to keep you happy, safe and informed on your commute to and from work! We hope this helps, and if there’s anything WE can do to make your commute better, give us a call!



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