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Get The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

In the market for a new car but don’t know the first thing about getting started? Have no fear, Leif Johnson Ford is here to give you some simple steps on how to get the most out of your test driving experience.


1. Make a list of your top vehicle options to narrow down the list a bit. Call us in advance to schedule your test drive and let us know what vehicles you’re interested in driving for the day.

2. Bring your stuff. Load up your purse, your shopping bags and whatever else you normally have in your current vehicle. You may even consider bringing a suitcase. It sounds a little crazy, but it’s good to know that you’ll have space and comfort needed when you’re looking for your new Ford. And we absolutely promise not to look at you funny. We are more than happy to do whatever needed to get you into your new vehicle!

3.  Next, make sure there is the perfect spot for all of your items. Car seats, sunglasses, dry cleaning, phone, briefcase; No item is too trivial to consider. Your car/truck is a spot you’ll be spending a lot of your time, so arrange and rearrange until you know everything feels just right.

4. Again, it’s good to remember that this is going to be a big part of your everyday life once purchased, so it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable. Does the seat adjust so you feel your coziest? Does the cabin give you enough room so that you’ll feel the vehicle was made just for you? Test out the passenger seat to make sure those driving with you will be just as comfy as you are. We want you to be 100% smitten with your new purchase, so take your time when picking out your perfect Leif Johnson Ford buy.

5. Now it’s time to get on the road! Consider starting out in a parking lot to first work out some of the technicalities. Get a feel for how it feels to park your possible future buy, and how easy it is to see out of all of your windows. Test out the back up camera if you have one.

After this, take the Ford on the highway. See if the car drives smoothly enough for you. If you’re driving up a hill, notice if you are or aren’t comfortable with the power of the vehicle. Note if you feel safe when making sharper turns. Consider asking a friend or your salesman to drive to see if you’ll get car seat as a passenger. Note whether there is a firm or soft break, and how much effort you had to be put into braking the car. Next, try a panic stop and slam the brakes. This will let you know how fast and efficiently your car responds when you’re needing to stop, fast.

Now it’s time for you to visit Leif Johnson Ford and try all of these steps out when looking for your new purchase! And please don’t be afraid to ask us any questions. There is no small or silly question when looking for your dream vehicle, and we are here for you every step of the way!


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