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Employee Highlights: Ajay Malani


Salesmen Ajay is an employee of our Riata Ford location and a resident of Austin, though this isn’t quite his hometown. Ajay was not only born, but also raised in India–Not exactly a neighbor to Texas or our Leif Johnson Ford dealerships. Still, he made his way to Austin with his family when he was fourteen years old and has loved it enough to never move anywhere else since.

He also loves his job; More than half of his time spent in Austin has also been spent with us at Riata! Ajay has been with us at Riata Ford for nearly six years, and states that his favorite part about working with us are all of his customers. The feelings are definitely reciprocated, as Ajay is a favorite to many of the Ford-buyers who walk through our doors.

Whenever he gets the chance, he does make visits back to India, and tells us he misses the cooking and the people when back in Texas. But he loves the Austin life too, and spends his spare time playing basketball and hanging out with his wife (also from India) and extended family (also all living in Texas!)

Stop by Riata Ford and say hello to the friendly and knowledgeable Ajay today!

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