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Leif Johnson Favorites

Today we’re over at Leif Johnson Central asking some of our employees what their favorite things about working here are. Read on to find out what they had to say!

Wesley– “I really enjoy working with my co-workers! Everyone works together as a team to help the customers.”

Miranda– “Co-workers!”


Jordan– “The awesome people! That includes the people that I work with and the customers.”

Stacy– “The people I work with.”


Chad– “I love my managers, the people I work with and the facility. Plus, we have the best customers in the world!”


Walter: “I’ve been here 14 years, so of course my clientele!”

Misty–  “Meeting new people!”


Bill– “Office comradery.”

Mark– “The customers!”


Sofia– “Earning By Learning! (Volunteer reading program for elementary school kids that Leif Johnson attends every Thursday.) It’s cool because I get to talk to the little kids!

Jamie– “I get to dress up for work!”


Fred– “Honest answer? The people. I wouldn’t work here if it wasn’t for the people. We have fantastic people. We are not a public corporation, which is rare these days. You get more of a team feel than that corporate feel.”

Now it’s your turn to tell us your favorite thing about Leif Johnson!

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