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Employee Highlights- Leo Light

Today we had the chance to chat with employee Leo Light. By day, Leo may be a Sales Consultant for Leif Johnson Ford, but after-hours he has a couple of intriguing hobbies that he loved sharing with us. Read on to learn more!


When Leo was 16, all he wanted was his very own Mustang. Alas, his dad refused and Leo instead started with an F150. Years later, his love for Mustangs lived on and he finally became an owner of his beloved car at twenty-one years old. Now he not only owns a Mustang, he also rebuilds them in his spare time! When he’s not a work, you can bet Leo is, “Thinking of more ways to make my car faster.”

But Mustangs aren’t the only thing Leo builds in his spare time. He also builds his own websites, and has created his own popular site, “TheRealForums.com” Here users can discuss everything from cooking to gaming to pets to fitness and health.

Knowing that Leo’s talents range from car-rebuilding to website-making, one must wonder if there’s anything Leo hasn’t dabbled in. The answer to this is probably ‘no.’ In fact, in 2004 Leo traveled to the Dominican Republic to compete in the Team USA Martial Arts Competition!

Whether he’s selling cars, fixing cars, creating popular online forums or competing in a national martial arts completion, Leo Light is always at the top of his game. We’re happy to have this talented and hardworking young man as part of our team at Leif Johnson Ford!

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