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Employee Highlights–Rachel


Rachel recently bought her new Ford from Leif Johnson and couldn’t be more pleased with her purchase! She tells us that her dad has happily bought many cars from Leif in the past, and that is what eventually brought her to our door. After an “awful experience” at another dealership, it was a relief coming into Leif. “When I walked in everyone was super nice! I got such a good deal. Brandon (Her salesman) called and checked on me twice to make sure everything was good. And my gas mileage is cut in half!” Rachel has nothing but good things to say about buying a car with Leif, and couldn’t believe that she was able to profit $10,000 from her old burnt orange Mazda, just days after trading it in. “I’m really impressed!” Rachel tells us, with a big smile on her face and her new Ford by her side.

But Rachel’s story with Leif doesn’t end here. Just two days after buying her new car, a mishap at the car-wash led to her windshield wipers being wiped clean off her car. Tragic as this may sound, this story does have a happy ending. “You guys fixed it in two days and gave me a rental car in the meantime. You guys took care of me, I’m very happy!”

But don’t just take it from the happy customer–Visit us and let us show you firsthand the Leif Johnson experience that Rachel is raving about!

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