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Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Transmission

Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, and it is so important to keep yours in the best of conditions. It’s especially important to ensure the health of your transmission is this Texas heat. Leif Johnson Ford is here with some tips on how to keep that transmission in tip-top shape!


Change Transmission Fluid

This is vital for lubrication and good performance.

Check your transmission fluid levels. Low fluid levels or fluid levels that drop quickly might mean you have a leak.

Also check your vehicle’s radiator and coolant levels. The radiator controls your engine heat, but it helps your transmission stay at a proper temperature as well.

Low or dirty fluids will increase chances of wear and overheating.

Change every 15,000 miles or once a year (See owner’s manual). If you have a vehicle that does heavy towing regularly, you will want to check fluids monthly.

Use a high-quality synthetic transmission fluid. These will be less likely to degrade at higher temperatures.

Use Brakes 

Do not downshift to slow down car.

Downshifting in lieu of braking puts unneeded stress on vehicle.

Transmission parts are usually more expensive than new brake pads.

Pay attention to overheating 

Overheating is the most dangerous factor for a vehicle’s transmission.

As the internal temp of your transmission climbs, transmission fluid begins to degrade.

Your transmission’s lifespan decreases by a factor of two for every 20 degrees over 200 degrees.

Follow speed limit  

Excessively fast driving puts unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s transmission.

“Peeling out” is especially harmful for your transmission.

Following the speed limit is beneficial not only for your transmission, but also your fuel economy.

Make overall wise driving choices 

Always make sure to drive in the right gear, whether you have an automatic or manual.

Use overdrive only when driving at highway speeds.

Use lower gears only when you need the power for going up hills or if you are towing a heavy load.

If you need any help with your transmission or if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us at 512-454-3711. We would love to help ensure that your vehicle is healthy and prepared for these dog days of summer!





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