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Ford Pass SmartLink

Do you have a 2010-2017 Ford? If so, you’re in luck! Ford just released SmartLink, which allows its owners to use the incredible features of Ford Pass on these older model vehicles.


This device will plug into the onboard diagnostics port below the steering wheel and is roughly the size of a deck of cards.

SmartLink allows older model vehicles to use all of the nifty features that have until now only been available on newer Fords. This includes 4G LTE WiFi, vehicle location tracking and smartphone integration of key fob features such as remote engine start, lock + unlock and vehicle health and security alerts. It will also allow users to create “geo-fences” around certain areas, and to create alerts when your vehicle enters this area. (This one is great for monitoring sneaky teenagers.)

The price for the SmartLink device is $16.99 a month plus installation fees for 24 months. This simple and fun device is absolutely perfect for turning your older car into a smarter car!

Call us at 512-454-3711 for more details on getting your SmartLink installed!

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