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10 Simple Hacks For Your Vehicle

It’s safe to assume a couple of things. 1. Most of us want life to be just a little bit simpler. and 2. In Texas, our every day commute is usually a big part of our lives. What if we could use the knowledge of those two statements to make life a little easier for you? Your Leif Johnson Ford friends are here with some super simple car hacks to make you day-to-day drive a little less stressful and a little more fun.


  1. Prevent door dings in tight garage parking spaces by horizontally affixing pool noodles against the wall of your garage. As the door swings open, you’ll now have a bumper to keep your vehicle from banging up the car or wall. Also consider placing a noodle where you park the front of your car. This will allow you to pull all the way forward without worrying about damaging your vehicle!
  2. Have cloudy headlights? Toothpaste can fix that! Add just a little bit of toothpaste to a clean rag  and begin to scrub the headlights. The mild abrasives contained in the toothpaste can help fill in any tiny scratches and remove the cloudy layer.
  3. Shower caddies are good for more than just the shower! Use caddy to store oil and other liquids that you’ll need to stay safe on a road trip.
  4. Make your dashboard nice and shiny by adding a little bit of olive oil to a coffee filter. This will pick up dust and dirt and give your dash a shiny and clean look. The more you know!
  5. If you’re parking your car somewhere new, drop a pin on your phone so you can remember the exact location you’ll need to navigate back to. Apps like iParkedHere work great too.
  6. Can’t find your car in the gigantic parking lot? Extend the range of your key fob by holding it under your chin as you search. Crazily enough, the fluids in our body can slightly extend the range of the key fob!
  7. If you have kids, hang a shower organizer on one of the back seats. You can fit everything from sippy cups to suntan lotion and baby wipes in the organizer. It’s ideal for tidying up and not losing items to the mysterious underbelly of your vehicle!
  8. Have a bumper sticker you’re wanting to get off your car? Use warm water to soak newspaper and place it over the sticker for ten minutes to remove.
  9. Instead of air fresheners, keep an open box of dryer sheets in your car. They’re longer lasting and cheaper than the alternative!
  10. Have a messy trunk? If you have the space, add laundry baskets to this space. If possible, have one basket for work, one for the gym and one for grocery shopping. This makes organizing your vehicle a breeze!

Breathe a sigh of relief because these quick but resourceful car hacks are ready to make your week so much easier! Ultimate vehicle hack – If you have any areas that need more than a quick fix, call your friends at 512-454-3711 to make an appointment with our service department. We can’t wait to see you!  


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