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Romantic Places to Drive Your Date

Happy Valentine’s, friends! 


If you don’t have plans for tomorrow, may we suggest a cruise around town? We’ve rounded up our five favorite romantic places to stop while driving around Austin. What better way to enjoy the day of love making new memories with those you love most?!


  1. Mt. Bonnell – This is one classic that never goes out of style. Park your car and walk the steps up to this famous spot. Gorgeous views of Lake Austin and the city make for a charming spot to spend with your love.
  2. The Oasis – While the food isn’t the best in Austin, the views are absolutely unbeatable. This Lake Travis area is nearly a world of its own, so if you’re craving something else, there’s plenty of other eats to choose from. Regardless, you won’t miss out on the amazing sights.
  3. I Love You So Much Mural – This famous mural is an ideal spot for lovebirds everywhere. Snap some photos and get ready to swoon!
  4. Mayfield Park – Though it’s in the middle of downtown Austin, this peaceful spot is perfect for couples. 21 acres of trails, gardens, peacocks, and a historical cottage makes for an idea date spot.
  5. You’re My Butter Half Mural – Another famous Austin mural, this one is as adorable as it is love-inspiring. Butter, bread and heart street art makes for an ideal photo op with your s/o.
  6. Zilker Park – Kayak, canoe, stroll through the botanical gardens, fly a kite, have a picnic…. There’s no shortage of spots to share adorable moments at Austin’s favorite park.
  7. Blue Starlite Drive-In – You don’t even have to get out of your vehicle for this one! Enjoy a movie the old-fashioned way at Blue Starlite. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Princess Bride and Sixteen Candles will give you all of the feels this Valentine’s.
  8. River Place Nature Trail – If you’re looking for a place to walk hand-in-hand that’s a little more secluded, this is the spot. Choose from three different trails boasting waterfalls and gorgeous views. It’s the absolute perfect place to share heart eyes with your person.

So grab your butter half, grab the whole family, grab any and all of your favorite humans, and pack your Ford for a mini road-trip full of L-O-V-E!

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