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Employee Highlight: Laura Laging

Laura Laging is a longtime and treasured team member of our Ford family.


When she lost her home to the Bastrop fires in 2011, we knew that we had to help out in any way that we could. Our dealership is built on the belief of helping others, especially those team members and customers that are a part of our Ford family.

We recently took a few moments to talk to the lovely Laura after she had been named our employee of the month, and she shared with us some stories about that time in her life.

“This company really cares. They were so unbelievably good to me. Jeff (manager at Leif) gave me time off. Fred (general manager) was amazing. The company took donations to help me, and Fred matched every donation.

I’ve worked in the car dealership industry for thirty-five years, but (Leif Johnson Ford) just went above and beyond. Family is so important to this company, and I really appreciate that.”

We really appreciate Laura and all that she has done to make our team the best one it could be. Our team couldn’t have been more honored to help her when she needed it.

In closing, we also took a quick moment to ask Laura about her striking pink and purple hair.

“I was bald at forty, now bold at fifty! Don’t know what I’m going to do at sixty! (laughs)”

No matter what she decides, Laura will always be rocking it.

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