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Customer Highlights

What’s a better mother daughter bonding experience than buying a brand new Ford?

That’s exactly what mom Leana and daughter Phoebe did at Truck City Ford. We talked to Phoebe, and absolutely loved the time she spent with us at our Truck City Ford location.


“Our experience was great and Ken was awesome.” she said.

A lovely new Escape for two lovely ladies.

Wendy is a third time Ford-buyer from our Leif Johnson Central location. Her last car was totaled and the damage was severe, but miraculously, Wendy came out of the accident unscathed. This week she was back at our dealership, safe and joking that she must be a “new car enthusiast.”


“Third one’s a charm!” she said with a smile.

Our dealership just wouldn’t be quite the same without the amazing ladies who buy from us, bringing laughter and personality every time they walk through our doors!

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