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Meet Virginia

Meet Virginia. No, not the popular 90’s Train song. Virginia Wirtz of Riata Ford. She’s been working with us for six years now and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team. Luckily, she really likes working with us too!

photo (511)

Though Virginia is having her consecutive six year work anniversary, if you count the two year break she took in between, she’s actually worked with us for nearly thirteen years. She tells us she loves her job as a billing clerk and that loving what she does “Makes the day go by faster.I learn something new every day.” She also tells us she enjoys the people she works with and that there’s “never a dull moment” at Riata Ford. (Something we all love about working here!)

When Miss Virginia isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her grandkids, boy/girl eight-year old twins and a twelve year old girl. “They’re my life” she gushes. She has one child of her own, telling us that after growing up with nine brothers and sisters, she wanted a smaller family for herself. “There was for sure no tv back then!” she laughs.

Virginia is fun and full of pizazz, and tells us that she’s soon to be sixty two years old and “proud of it!” And we couldn’t be more proud to have as part of the Leif Johnson Ford team.

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