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The Responsible Parenting Responsible Relationship Awards

Leif Johnson is partnering with The Responsible Parenting Responsible Relationship Awards to give away a car! But what is The Responsible Relationship Awards, you may ask?


According to the Child Inc. website, “The Responsible Parenting Responsible Relationship Awards is a project of Child Inc. in which members of the local community including businesses, faith-based, civic and neighborhood groups, recognize and reward parents for their commitment to responsible parenting and responsible relationships. Parents are recognized for their effort in raising their children responsibly, taking an active role in their child’s early education, and working towards strengthening their relationships.”

300+ businesses and individuals in and around the Austin area are taking part in the Responsible Parenting and Responsible Relationships., and Leif is one of them! We will be announcing the winner of the car to applicants on November 20th at the Key Ceremony, where we give them a large cardboard key with their name on it; On December 17th the car will be given away, complete with a choir, guest speaker and all techs who were involved in gift donations!

We would love to have you involved and hope to see you there! For more information, visit http://www.childinc.org/programs-services/responsible-parenting.html

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